Now through October 21, 2020 the Kalamazoo Veterans Events Committee will welcome submissions for the second annual Kalamazoo Veteran of the Year Award.
The award is given by the organizations that sponsor the Kalamazoo County Veterans Day Ceremony: The Rotary Club of Kalamazoo-Sunrise and the Kalamazoo County Veterans Service Office, supported by other organizations and individuals in the Kalamazoo Veterans Events Committee.
Many veterans call Kalamazoo County home and they continue to serve this community with honor and commitment. The committee will recognize the continued service of our veterans and show gratitude for their years in uniform.

Any person or organization wishing to nominate a veteran should include the following information in their submission:
1. Their name and/or nominating organization and telephone number.
2. The veteran’s name and telephone number, his or her military branch and era of service.
3. A description of why the veteran deserves this year’s top honor highlighting the veteran's involvement with veterans organizations, volunteer activities related to veterans, involvement with other volunteer organizations/charities, and service to the community.
Submissions should be emailed to or submitted via the online form available at

The Kalamazoo County veteran selected will be honored at this year’s Kalamazoo Veterans Day Ceremony on Wednesday, November 11 at 2 p.m. at the Robert L. Cook Veterans Memorial Plaza at Rose Park in Kalamazoo.
For inquiries about the Veteran of the Year Award, please email or contact Robert Hencken at 269-720-2747 or

Please copy and distribute or forward this announcement to your contacts or anyone you think might be interested in making a nomination.